Good news!  If you want to donate a pie to the 13th Annual Bucktown Apple Pie Festival on October 15 in Senior Citizens Memorial Park, there are no rules!  Except one – it’s gotta be apple.  We will gratefully accept your apple crumble, apple brown betty, apple crisp, apple pan dowdy, etc.  And you can throw in nuts, bacon, cheese — whatever.  Give free reign to your creativity.

What happened to the Apple Pie Contest?

The fieldhouse is under construction this year and can’t handle the contest. But the contest will be back next year in our newly-renovated building!

Where do we go to turn in our pie(s)?

Bring your pie(s) to the big tent in Senior Citizens Memorial Park starting at 11 am on October 15.

What’s the earliest we can bring our pie?

If you need to drop your pie off before 11 am on October 15,  just let us know: friendsofholsteinpark@gmail.com.

Is this event kid-friendly?

You bet!! All ages are welcome at the Apple Pie Festival. In fact, there will be a pie-eating contest just for kids.

If you have any questions we haven’t addressed, just email us: friendsofholsteinpark@gmail.com